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Prevent Sexual Violence & Harassment Video DVD


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Sexual Harassment Can Lead to Violence

It is important to know that sexual harassment is against the law. It is also prohibited by your employer’s policy.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the first federal law to prohibit discrimination based on gender and to prohibit unwelcome sexual conduct that leads to a hostile work environment. Since then, many states have enacted laws that expand upon the federal laws.

Sexual harassment in the workplace can have significant and adverse impact on both the employer and workers: it can negatively affect productivity, morale, absenteeism and the general health and well-being of workers in the workplace, and can result in increased turnover, complaints of discrimination, potential incidents of anger and physical confrontation, potentially large legal fees and a poor corporate image for the employer.

What is Not Sexual Harassment?

  • An occasional compliment.
  • Good-natured jokes and jesting where both parties find the conduct acceptable.
  • Office romance where both parties enter into a consensual relationship (It should be noted that this carries risk. What happens if the relationship sours? How will that affect the parties’ ability to work together and the comfort level of their co-workers?)
  • Normal exercise of supervisory responsibilities including discipline or counseling.

Prevent Sexual Violence & Harassment Brochure